Gloger Handkraft


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All parts and instruments are fully handmade. We intend to make every part especially designed for the customers instrument. See how we made this in our picture gallery. We started to make a soprano sax of high density copper.

The metal consists of a high crystallinity structure, so there is a very low inner stress level. This results in a high molecular weight.


Gloger-Handkraft developed double-backed solid silver necks that boost the positive tonal characteristics of classically fabricated necks. The higher partials are more distinct. This creates a clearer, brighter yet balanced tonal color.

Standard necks tend to sound darker, because the lower partial tones are boosted. The solid silver of the Gloger-Handkraft double-backed neck gets an artisanal, advanced treatment, which lends the metal a specific structure.

E.T.A. Hoffmann (1814)

” … the secret relationship between light and sound is manifest; both light and sound take shape in individual forms, and in this way the solo player and the singer become the euphonic melody ! – … The complete freedom to play, the absolute control over the instrument, so that there is no struggle any more with the mechanical means of expression, but the instrument becomes an immediate, unconstrained organ of mind; that must be the ultimate goal the performing artist strives for; …it has become the artist’s organ in a way that the sound reflect every thing that the mind experienced, without applying any mechanical force, as if by itself.”

” … die geheime Verwandtschaft von Licht und Ton offenbart sich deutlich; beides, Licht und Ton, gestaltet sich in indivi dueller Form, und so wird der Solospieler, die Sängerin, selbst die ertönende Melodie ! – … Die völlige Freiheit des Spiels, die unbedingte Herrschaft über das Instrument, so daß es keinen Kampf mit den mechanischen Mitteln des Ausdrucks mehr gibt, sondern das Instrument zum unmittelbaren, zwanglosen Organ des Geistes wird: das ist ja doch wohl das höchste Ziel, wornach der ausübende Künstler strebt; … so zum Organ des Künstlers geworden daß es, wie ohne allen jeden Aufwand mechanischer Kraft, wie von selbst, alles ertönen läßt, was der Geist empfunden.”

Gabriel Laub

“Nur die Kunst gibt uns die Möglichkeit, etwas zu sagen, was wir nicht wissen”