Gloger Handkraft

Handcrafted instruments

Available in solid silver and copper.

Welcome to Gloger Handkraft

Gloger-Handkraft necks and parts are custom made by hand. Artisanal instrument maker Karsten Gloger brings over 40 years of experience and refinement to his products. Gloger builds soprano saxophones and necks for the full range of saxophones. Through an innovative measuring process developed by Gloger himself, he is able to replicate your favorite neck model in silver, copper or even gold. The inner shape gives the neck its characteristic sound, and Gloger is able to replicate this shape with over 99% accuracy.

The necks are available in different measurements. So you can have the neck of your choice, fitted to your existing instrument and create your own unique sound. You have the flexibility to fit a neck for example, with an “American Curve” on a Selmer sax or another make still play on your familiar mechanism. The result is better intonation throughout the instrument.

You can feel that the response time is much better and notes are more centered. The result is more intensity and volume.

Flute and clarinet players know the importance of a good headjoint or barrel. It can change the pitch, volume and the tone of the instrument. Likewise, on a saxophone, the curve of the neck can greatly influence these characteristics.

The 3 unique qualities of Gloger Handkraft

Custom made necks fit all saxophones: