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Here you find the prices of our custom made saxophone necks

Solid copper high density        
  Sopran Alto Tenor Bariton Bass
  € 345,00 € 480,00 €530,00 € 380,00 € 450,00
        with key € 480,00 with knee € 900,00
Solid silver high density        
  Sopran Alto Tenor Bariton Bass
  € 416,00 € 620,00 € 665,00 € 550,00 € 700,00
        with key € 650,00 with knee € 1300,00
Engraving € 200,00 € 200,00 € 200,00 € 200,00 € 200,00
To order a Gloger-Handkraft saxophone neck, please fill in this  E-Mail,  to get the order form
shipment by: snail-parcel takes approx. 10 Days
shipment by: UPS or DHL takes approx.  2 Days

                                                                                              All  prices in EURO exclusive V.A.T. 
In the EU you have to pay 21%.

We have some additional options for you !

Underslung key + € 80,00

Double socket with screw + € 150,00 CONN and KING models


Please give us these measurements. They are very important to fit your neck




A list of available curves which are made:


Antigua A 590
Conn Chu Berry  curved
Expression Selmer SA 80 III Selmer SA 80 III curved Selmer Model 22 Selmer Model 26 Keilwerth SX 90 Keilwerth ST 90 III Yamaha custom 875 Yamaha M1 Yanagisawa S800 Yanagisawa S880 Yanagisawa SC 901S Yanagisawa 991
Alto Borgani Buescher Buescher straight alto Buescher New Aristocrat 01 (wide curve) Buffet Super Dynaction Buffet copper Buffet S 1 Buffet S 2 Buffet S 3 Cigar Cutter Conn Lady's Face 6M key on top Conn Lady's Face 6M key under Conn Chu Berry Conn Connqueror Keilwerth copper Keilwerth copper Ponzol SX90R Keilwerth Ponzol SX90R King 2414 King voltrue King Zephyr King S 20 long distance to octave hole King S 20 short distance to octave hole Mauriat Martin Handcraft Martin Indiana Martin Committee II Rampone Saxgourmet Super 400 Selmer Balanced Action Selmer Super Balanced Action Selmer MVI Selmer MVII Selmer SA 80 Selmer SA 80 II Selmer SA 80 III Selmer Ref. 54 Yamaha custom Yamaha M1 Yamaha G 1 Yanagisawa Silver Yanagisawa 991 Yanagisawa bronze 992
Tenor Aqua (chinese model SA II copy) Borgani Buescher 400 Buescher Buescher Big B model 156 Buffet copper prestige 84Z Buffet Super Dynaction Cannonball Cigar Cutter Conn Conn Chu Berry Conn Lady's Face 10m Conn Lady's Face 10m (outer tenon) Conn 30M Connqueror Dolnet Grassi 2000 Guardala Inderbinen - Donnerbogenmodell Inderbinen - normal-shape Keilwerth SX 90 Keilwerth "COUF" King Zephyr King Super 20 King C-Melody Kohlert Martin Handcraft Martin Committee II Martin Magna The Martin Tenor Mauriat Pedler Saxgourmet Super 400 Selmer MVI Selmer MVII Selmer SA 80 Selmer SA 80 III Selmer Cigar Cutter Selmer Balanced Action Selmer Super Balanced Action Selmer ref. 36 Selmer ref. 54 SML Yamaha YTS 62G Yamaha G1 Yanagisawa Yanagisawa Bronze C-Melody Buescher curved Conn curved / straight Bariton Amati Buescher Aristocrat Buescher 400 Buescher Canonnball Conn 12M Conn - New Wonder Conn Chu Berry (early) Keilwerth SX 90 King Zephyr King Super 20 Lien Cheng LC Martin Handcraft The Martin Bariton Selmer Model 26 Selmer MVI earlier model Selmer MVI later model Selmer SBA long model Selmer Cigar Cutter Selmer SA 80 II Yamaha YBS-61 Yanagisawa Yanagisawa 901 Yanagisawa Bronze Weltklang Bass
Adler Buescher Conn Pan Am Conn 14M Selmer Selmer SA 80 II The Martin Tubax
Eppelsheim These are some models we made. If a model is not listed, please ask.



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